Experimental project to dive more into Blender and explore the possibilities in the field of motiongraphics / motion design.
Do Not Touch The Artwork – Opening Sequence
"Do Not Touch The Artwork" - I bet everyone knows about this signs in museums and exhibitions. They are there for a good reason - for sure.
But what if you nevertheless do touch the artwork ... what would or might could happen? That was the idea and storyline behind this experimental project.
Over time this mind-game / project became bigger and bigger and so I created not just some clips to post on social media. I concepted a campaign and a title sequence for use as promotion spots or some kind of announcement spots for upcoming exhibitions or something like that.
The result could also work very well as a concept for a promotional campaign within some kind of museum or exhibition context.
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Music: HiGhMaS – „Winged Sun Sharpe“
[Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
Do Not Touch The Artwork – Zeus
Do Not Touch The Artwork – Nefertiti
Do Not Touch The Artwork – Plato
Clips for social media use.
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